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Testosterone Test

Testosterone Test

Give yourself points for each question and add to get your score Yes No
1. My sex drive has decreased. 4 0
2. I lack the drive or assertiveness I once had. 4 0
3. My self-confidence has declines. 3 0
4. I have a difficult time making decisions. 2 0
5. My stamina and endurance have lessened. 2 0
6. I have lost muscle mass, strength or tone. 4 0
7. I have gained body fat around my waist. 3 0
8. I have elevated cholesterol. 2 0
9. My sexual ability has declined. 4 0
Men: I have difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection 4 0

Evaluation Score

If your score is lower than 12 - It is unlikely that you have low testosterone levels.
Please continue with your evaluation and take the Thyroid Test.
If your score is higher than 12 - A low testosterone level is likely.
We recommend that you schedule a consultation.

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